Pensiunea Șura Sașilor

More than 800 years ago, the first Germans settled in this land behind the mountains (Transilavnia). They became the Transylvanian Saxons, and since most of them have now emigrated, we decided to cultivate and promote their cultural heritage.

We have converted a 150-year-old barn, with a lot of love, into the guesthouse "Saxony Barn".

We want to offer our guests a lot of fun and always a beautiful holiday, combined with delicious traditional dishes and a mix of culture and nature.

Our inn is a family business that pays close attention to the wishes of the guest.

Our rooms are built with natural wood, and offer a warm cosiness with colors and harmony from nature. All rooms have bathrooms (furnished with modern shower, toilet, hair dryer, sink).

The kitchen offers a plentiful variety of menus even for the most demanding tastes, while also thinking of the vegetarians who are very enthusiastic about our dishes. We support local production and supply our house mostly from there.

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Accommodation rates with half board per room / night

PeriodDouble roomSingle room
15.01 - 15.0490 Eur55 Eur
85 Eur (min 3 nights)50 Eur (min 3 nights)
01.05 - 01.10100 Eur65 Eur
90 Eur (min 3 nights)60 Eur (min 3 nights)
01.10 - 15.1290 Eur55 Eur
85 Eur (min 3 nights)50 Eur (min 3 nights)

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str. Laterală nr.366
com. Vulcan,
jud. Brasov

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Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:00